Friday, September 16, 2011

Marriage(s) of Jesse Ernest Pennington b. 1859

QUESTION:  When was Jesse's marriage?  What is Ida Melissa's last name? Were there two marriages--one by June 1917 and one later in 1923?

RESEARCH:  Found records for Jesse E Pennington that verified several facts:

Birth: 27 May 1895, Terre Haute, Vigo, Indiana; parents JH Pennington and Lilly Watts (daughter of William Watts and step daughter of Lucinda Appleton Watts)

WWI Draft: June 1917; confirmed birth date and place.  Indicated he was married

Grave Sites of Veterans: Death 1971, buried in Sante, Fe New Mexico

Wife:  The veterans records had the name and date of his wife, Ida Melissa Pennington, born 2 Feb 1895 and died 21 Dec 1973

Family Tree on indicated that her maiden name was Fairchild and they were married March 1923.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Laura Ellen Reyburn b. 1892 and Frank Elmer Northington b. 1900 or 1901

QUESTION: Is Laura Ellen Northington, wife of Frank E Northing the same person as Laura Reyburn, daughter of Barry William Reyburn and Ora Camella Lewis?

SEARCH:  Need to verify that Laura ellen Reyburn is the same person as Laura E Northington.  Possibility is high since the 1920 census indicates that Laura Reyburn was working at a state hospital and in California Laura Northington, same age and birthplace, was also working at a state hospital.

Family Tree Information:
Born: 24 Nov 1892, Missouri
Married: 1922 to Frank Elmer; Northington, Lucerne, Lake, California
Died: 15 Jul 1975, Lak Port, Lake, California

Found the Following documents:

1930 Census; District 113, San Bernardino, San Bernardino, California; May 1, 1930

* Frank E Northington, head, owns, estate 4,000, has radio, not on farm, male, white, 30, married at age 21, no school, can read/write, born Missouri, father born Kentucky, mother born Missouri, speaks English, cook, hospital, employed

* Laura E Northington, wife, female, white, 37, married age 30, no school, can read/write, born Missouri, father/mother born Missouri, attendant at hospital, employed

1920 Census: Washington Township, Vernon, Missouri; District 182, State Hospital 3

* Laura Reyburn, line 84, female, white, age 27, single, seamstress, hospital

1928 Voter Registration for San Bernardino California, Patton District [, Image 193]

* Northington, Frank E., Cook, Patton [hospital], Democrat
* Northington, Laura E, Nurse, Patton [hospital], Democrat

SS Death Index:
Frank Northington, born 28 Dec 1900, SS# 549-52-6627, Issued in California, last residence: Lucerne, Lake, California, ZIP 95458, Death: May 1970, age: 70

Laura Northingon, born 24 Nov 1892, SS#: 569-78-8343, issued in California; last residence: Lakeport, Lake, California, ZIP 95453, Death: July 1975

California Death Index
Name: Frank E Northington
Social Security #: 549526627
Sex: Male
Birth Date: 28 Dec 1901
Birthplace: Missouri
Death Date: 25 May 1970
Death Place: Lake

Name: Laura E Northington
Social Security #: 549526627
Sex: Female
Birth Date: 24 Nov 1892
Birthplace: Missouri
Death Date: 15 Jul 1975
Death Place: Lake

California Death Records (on Rootsweb)
Northington, Laura, E, 11/24/1892, F, Missouri, Lake, 7/15/1975, 549-52-6627, 82 years

Norington, Frank, E., 12/28/1901, M, Missouri, Lake, 5/25/1970, 549-52-6627, 69 yrs

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

William Watts, 1843 and Lucinda Appleton or Lucinda Downs?

I've come across a discrepancy on my records for William Watts.  In Indiana there were two William Watts who married Lucinda's within four years of each other.

Marriage Records

Marriage Index for Lucinda Appleton

Name:                             Lucinda Appleton
Spouse Name:                William Watts
Marriage Date:               19 Aug 1869
Marriage County:           Marion
Estimated Birth Year:    1859
Age:                               10
Source Title 1:                Marion County
Source Title 2:                Index to Marriage Record 1866 - 1870 Inclusive Vol
Source Title 3:                Original Record Located: County Clerk's Office Ind
Book:                             501
[NOTE: Age on this record is wrong.  Lucinda was born about 1844.  She is listed in both the 1850 and 1860 census records.]

Name:                            Lucinda J. Downs
Spouse Name:               William Watts
Marriage Date:              20 Feb 1866
Marriage County:          Crawford
Source Title 1:               Crawford County Indiana
Source Title 2:               Marriages 1818 - 1880 Books A - D
Source Title 3:               Part I Grooms Part II Brides Compiled by Ruth M Sl
Book:                            C
OS Page:                       248

Crawford county is at bottom of Indiana.  It borders Meed County Kentucky as well as Indian Counties: Orange, Washingtn, Harrison, Perry, Dubois.

Census Records for William Watts, b. 1843:

1880 Census, Elbridge, Edgar, Illinois

*William Watts, white, male, age 37, head, married, farmer, born Indiana, father/mother born Ohio
* Lucinda Watts, white, female, age 37, wife, married, keeping house, born Indiana, father born Indiana, mother born Ohio
* Lilly Watts, white, female, age 14, daughter, single, attended school, born Illinois, father/mother born Indiana
* Thomas Watts, white, male, age 10, son, single, at school, born Illinois, father/mother born Indiana
* Wyatt Watts, white, male, age 8, son, single, at school, born Illinois, father/mother born Indiana
* Jennie Watts, white, female, age 6, daughter, single, at school, born Illinois, father/mother born Indiana
* Ethel Watts, white, female, age 3, daughter, single, born Illinois, father/mother born Indiana

1900 Census, Otter Creek, Vigo, Indiana

* William Watts, head, white, male, born May 1843, age 57, married 21 years [possible erroor and should read 31 years], born Ohio, father born Ohio, mother born  North Carolina, farmer, can read, write, speak English, owns, mortgage, farm
* Lucinda Watts, wife, white, female, born Mar 1844, age 56, married 21 years [possible error and should read 31 years], birth to 7 children, 6 still living, born Indiana, father born Indiana, mother born Ohio, can read, write, speak English
* Ethel Watts, daughter, white, female, born Sept 1877, age 22, single, born Illinois, father born Ohio, mother born Indiana
* Verna Watts, daughter, white, female, born Jun 1883, age 16, single, born Illinois, father born Ohio, mother born Indiana
* Luella Watts, daughter, white, female, born June 1886, age 13,

1910 Census, Otter Creek, Vigo, Indiana

* Fred Sharp, head, white, male, age 33, married once, 7 years, born Indiana, father/mother born Indiana, speaks English, meat cutter, butcher shop, w, no, 0, can read/write, rents
* Verna Sharp, wife, white, female, age 26, married once, 7 years, had 4 children, 4 living, born Illinois, father/mother born Indiana, speak English, can read/write
* Esther Sharp, daughter, white, female, age 6, single, born Indiana, father born Indiana, mother born Illinois, did not attend school
* Alice Sharp, daughter, white, female, age 5, single, born Indiana, father born Indiana, mother born Illinois
* Luther Sharp, son, white, female, age 3, single, born Indiana, father born Indiana, mother born Illinois
* Russell Sharp, son, white, female, age 1 8/12, single, born Indiana, father born Indiana, mother born Illinois
* Wm Watts, father-in-law, white, male, age 68, widowed, born Ohio, father/mothe born Virginia, farmer, owns farm, own account, no, 0, can read/write

NOTE:  Edgar County, Illinois and Vigo County Indiana are fairly close to each other across the state border.

Other Census Records

Possible Match:   1870 Census, Illinois, Edgar, Elbridge

*Watts William, 28, male, white, farmer, 2500 real estate, 100 personal estate, born Illinois
* Watts, Louisa, 24, female, white, born Illinois
* Watts, Elizabeth, 4, female, white, born Illinois

Match for Lucinda J. Downs: 1860 Federal Census, Indiana, Crawford, Whiskey Run

Wiliam Downs, age 45
Catherine Downs, 44
Henry Downs, 23
Hannah Downs, 18
Rebecca E Downs, 17
Lucinda J Downs, 16
Mary E Downs, 12
Melinda Downs, 10
Sarah M Downs, 8
Merlida A Downs, 6
James W Downs, 3
Samuel Neal 64

Possible Matches for Other Lucinda: 

1900 Census, Nebraska, Harlan, Mullally, Distr 98, Image 4

*Watts, William H, head, white, male, born Oct 1839, age 60, married 33 years, born Kentucky, father/mother born Kentucky
* Watts, Lucinda, wife, white, female, born Oct 1846, age 53, married 33 years, born Illinois, father born Ohio, mother born Kentucky
*Watts, Wallin W, Son, White, Male, born July 1886, age 13, single, born Missouri, father born KY, mother born IL

1870 Census, Illinois, Schuyler, Camden,

*William H Watts, age 30, born Kentucky
*Lucinda Watts, age 23, born Illinois
*John A Watts, age 3/12 [Census taken 18 Jul 1870]]

Death Certificate

William Wyatt Watts, son of William Watts and Lucinda
Informer:  Mrs. Fred Hutton, niece to William
Father: William Watts
Mother: Lucinda Applegate. [She could have mistaken Appleton for Applegate, which is a common mistake I've run across before]

Family Tree from a direct Descendant of William Watts
According to her, Lilly was the daughter of William Watts and Jane Jenkins.  Jane died and William remarried Lucinda Appleton, who is the mother of the remaining children.  

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ora Lee Reyburn Marriage Record

Ora Lee Reyburn
b. May 1882 (according to 1900 Census)

Found marriage record for Ora Lee Reyburn

md. Sam Sadler, 29 January 1901
home of bride: Schell City, Vernon, Missouri Missouri Marriage Records, 1805-2002 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2007.
Original data: Missouri Marriage Records. Jefferson City, MO, USA: Missouri State Archives. Microfilm.

Searched Rootsweb California death index:
    blank name; mother: adkins; father: reyburn
     sadler born Missouri
    sadler born in 1882
Couldn't find anything

Searched WWI draft records:  no Sam Sadler from Missouri

Searched Anestry census records:  can't find Sam Sadler or Ora Lee Sadler

Still looking for proof that Ora Lee is John Andrew's daughter.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Looking for Children of John Andrew Johnson Reyburn

John Andrew Johnson Reyburn
b. 14 Mar 1857, Missouri
d. 10 Jun 1931, Napa, California
md. Sallie E. Adkins, 27 Nov 1877, Carroll, Missouri

Looking for John A.J. Reyburn’s children.

A family tree on lists his children as follows:
J.E. Reyburn, male
Nannie Reyburn
Mary Alice Reyburn Grove
Mollie A Reyburn
Ora Lee Reyburn

1880 Census: Jno A Reyburn is head, S.E. Reyburn is wife, and M.A. Reyburn is one-year-old daughter. This fits with the name of Mary Alice Reyburn. Question? Is J.E. Reyburn a twin who died?

In 1900 Census, in Missouri, John Andrew Johnson Reyburn is living with his father, Joseph Henry Reyburn. The census indicates that Ora Lee Reyburn is niece to Joseph Henry Reyburn. However, it also says that Mollie is his daughter. The 1910 census indicates Mollie is JH's granddaughter.

The 1900 Census also indicates that both Mollie and Ora Lee's fathers were born in MO and mothers born in OH. Their birth dates are 18 months apart, which is enough for them to be sisters.

Josephine Smith Little

Josephine Smith, b 24 April 1910; Escondido, San Diego California

    father: Theron J. Smith, b. July 1844, Macedon, New York
    mother: Josephine Rhodes, b. 1872, Stuart, Iowa

In previous research couldn't find a clear identifier of Josephine's marriage and death date. Obituary from her brother Lomax Smith indicated that he was survived by his sisters Thera Smith of Escondido and Josephine Little from La Mesa, California.

Today found her listed in California Death Index for Josephine Little.  It listed death date 4 March 1985; mother's maiden name: Rhodes; father's name: Smith, SS# 549-09-5017. This record was found indexed on Rootsweb ( Couldn't find the same record on California Death index on 
The SSDI on for the same SS# lists Josephine being a resident of La Mesa when she died.


I made a PDF copy of both records.


Friday, March 11, 2011

Darius Elijah Elisha James Reyburn

March 29, 2012
Big confusion and too tired to figure it out tonight. Will document conflict and work on it another time:

Thought I found Darius in the 1900 Census in the home of his son Adam K Reyburn (census in Davis, Lafayette, MO); name is spelled Raeper, but everything else about family fits. (See post about Adam Kemp or Adam Kenneth Reyburn dated 3/25/2012).

However, Darius Reyburn is in 1900 Census with Jesse Esrey, Crooked River, Ray, MO; where he has been most of his earlier life.

Also, has a Darius Elisha Reyburn born 1843 to Darius Elisha Reyburn and Caroline Elizabeth Neale. I sent email to contributor asking for more information about two Darius's.

March 11, 2011
Today I found several records that all could be the same person, but I don't have definitive proof that they are.  This is a summary of what I found:

Record already in my files, of which the source is one of my old contacts Joanne Halterman:

Darius Elijah (Elisha) James Reyburn, born October 1823, Boone Missouri, died 1923.
Son of Adam Collins Reyburn, born 1798, Kentucky and Elsie Kice (Kise) born 1798.
Married to Caroline Elizabeth (Neal) Neale on 19 May 1842. 

Below is a summary of the records I found today.  I also searched Ancestry and FamilySearch.  I couldn't find any records in the census for 1870 or 1880.  Here's what I found today:

James Alisha Reyburn, born 19 Nov 1816 in Missouri, died 16 June 1916, Nevada, Vernon, Missouri
Father Adam Reyburn, born Kentucky
Mother unknown, born Germany

1850 Census:  Lafayette County, Missouri
Darius E Reyburn, M, 27 years
Rosa  Reyburn, F, 20 
Sarah T. Reyburn, F, 3
Tabitha Merrill, F, 73

1860 Census: Crooked River Twnship, Ray, Missouri
Elisha Reyburn, 39, M
Milley Reyburn, 26, F
Elmira Reyburn, 15, F
Sarah Reyburn, 12, F
Wm Reyburn, 6, M
Caroline Reyburn, 2, F

1900 Census, Crooked River, Ray, Missouri
Jesse E. Esrey, 36
Florence A Esrey, 33
Daniel R Esrey, 5
Derius Reyburn, 79, uncle to head

1910 Census, Bacon, Vernon, Missouri
J H Reyburn, 81, head
Mary Ann Reyburn, 55, daughter
John Reyburn, 52, son
Mollie Reyburn, 31, granddaughter
D E Reyburn, 88, brother

Missouri Marriage Records, 1805-2002
Elijah Elisha James  Reyburn, Rosannah Cath Merrill, 12 Mar 1846

Missouri Marriages 1851-1900
Darius Reyburn, Amelia Shackleford, 18 Sep 1852, Ray County

Missouri Marriage Records, 1805-2002
Derias E Reyburn, Sarah M Adkins 19 Sep 1872, Ray County

Missouri Marriage Records, 1805-2002
D E Reyburn, Mrs Martha Vanderpool, 21 Mar 1880, Ray County

1 May 1850 Letter from William Gill that mentioned Rose, wife of Elisha D. Reyburn, who went to California with William and company.  Source:  California Letters of William Gill written in 1850 to his wife Harriett Tarleton in Kentucky, edited by Eva Turner Clark, 1922, Downs  Printing Company, New York.

This was on a family tree on

Birth: Oct 1823
Marriage: Caroline Elizabeth (Neal) Neale, 19 May 1842
Marriage: Rossannah Catherine Merrill, 12 Mar 1846
Marriage: Amelia Shackleford, 18 Sep 1853
Marriage: Sarah M. Adkins, 19 Sep 1872
Marriage: Martha Taylor, 21 May 1880
Death: 1923