Saturday, March 12, 2016

Adaline Knowles Hill 1830 to 1927

Find A Grave for Adeline Knowles (Knolls) Hill
2nd wife of Willis R. Hill; married in Macedon, NY on 9 October 1858

1858 married probably in Macedon, New York
1866 moved to Hudson, Michigan
1878 moved to Cherokee, Iowa
1903 moved to O'Brien County, Iowa

Those from out of town who attended the funeral were:

~~ ·       Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Zwick of Cherokee, L2K2-CQ4
~~ ·       Mr. and Mrs. George Zwick of Cherokee, L2K2-C7G
~~ ·       Mr. and Mrs. Will Hill and son Willie of Lake Button, Minnesota, 99TF-KGD
~~ ·       Glenn Hill, M4HP-ZP9
~~ ·       Mrs. Irvin Sutton,  (Carrie Hunt Sutton, daughter of Alice Knowles Hunt as well as sister to Mrs. Lillian A. Hunt/Mrs. L. B. Hill--) L44H-8D3
~~ ·       Mrs. L. B. Hill  of Brookings, South Dakota, (wife of Lewis B. Hill) K4RJ-NGM
~~ ·       Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hill and son Richard of Huron, South Dakota, K83N-H9D
~~ ·       Mr. and Mrs. Leon Hill of Sioux City, Iowa, (Lewis B. Hill's son), L7BY-M2Z 
~~ ·       Mr. and Mrs. Earl Zwick of Cherokee, L2K2-C3Q 
~~ ·       Mr. and Mrs. Will Jenkins of Washta, Iowa, (Charlotte), 2WNV-RRJ
~~ ·       Mr. and Mrs. Will Olhausen and sons of Moneta, Iowa, (Mary), LZNX-RBB
~~ ·       Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Wiese and son, (Irene Olhausen and husband), K29X-YV3
~~ ·       Mr. and Mrs. Carl Bruggman, (Eva Olhausen and husband), MKB8-PSF 
~~ ·       Mr. and Mrs. Eldred Triplett of Moneta, Iowa, (Louella Olhausen), LC2Q-2MW
~~ ·       Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Summerbell of Dickens, Iowa (most likely Mrs. Douglas Summerbell is Eulalia B. Merrill, sister to Grace Isabel Merrill who married Myron Hill), LWK7-2L2

Children in Obit
Children on Family Search:
Lyman Edwin, 1858
Lewis B, 1861
Alice Alvira, 1862
Myron, 1860

William Reed, 1867
Isabelle, 1868
Irene, 1869
Earnest Payne, 1872
Mary Elizabeth, 1877

*Willis--He was listed in FamilySearch, but upon further research is not the son of Adaline. I removed him from FamilySearch on 2/17/2017.
*Matthew--Matthew "Mattie" does not belong to the family. Matie is a nickname for Mary Elizabeth.
*Charlotte--Find A Grave memorial lists her name as Charlotte, J. "Lottie, Lois" Hill Jenkins
Mary Elizabeth

Lewis, Irene, and Imogene died before this obituary.

2/17/2017. I found a census record that might have Imogene.

It includes:  Isabelle Hill, age 1; Mary Hill, age 7/12. Census says she was born in Dec of 1869. I can't find this Mary. There is another Mary (Mary Elizabeth) born several years later.
    Disproved: Upon further analysis, I realized the Irene is the daughter who was born December 1869.

RESOLUTION 2/25/2017:
After analyzing all the children's information and reading the obituary several times, I decided to add Imogene after Myron and before William. The obituary listed all the other children in birth order, so I conclude that Imogene would have been inserted in birth order as well. I believe she died as a young child or an infant--sometime before the 1870 Federal Census, as all other children were listed on the census with the exception of the oldest who was living in a different home.