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Children of Nathan Stone Reed, Son of Paul Reed and Lois Stone; by Two Wives, Mary Tedman and Mary Rice

Nathan Stone Reed married three times: Mary Ann Tedman, Mary A. Rice, and Sarepta Simpson. He had children with Mary Tedman and Mary Rice. FamilySearch lists the families as follows:

Nathan and Mary Tedman
1. Stephen Carpenter Reed
2. Robert P. Reed
3. Mary Tedman Reed (born before 1835)

Nathan and Mary Rice
1. Julia E. Reed
2. Nathan R. Reed
3. Mary L. Reed
4. Mary Tedman Reed
5. Adline Reed
6. William Abby Reed

Mary Tedman Reed: 11/6/2016--FS had two records for Mary Tedman Reed, one with the mother of Mary Tedman and the other with the mother of Mary Rice. I don't have records for the first Mary Tedman Reed. Is she the same person as Mary Tedman Reed (1843-1910) born to Mary Rice. Or is she a different person and the last child of Nathan and Mary Tedman Reed. The records are so sketchy back then, I don't know if I will every be able to find evidence either way. My hunch is that they are two separate individuals and the first Mary Tedman Reed died, perhaps with her mother, and that the second Mary Tedman (1843) was named after her older half-sister.

Stephen Carpenter Reed: 11/6/2016--I have nearly completed the descendant research for his family. See previous blog posts for details of complete and ongoing research.

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Descendants of Robert Tedman Reed and Mary Ann Hoag

This post is for the Robert Tedman Reed family. Robert is the son of Nathan Stone Reed and Mary Ann Tedman. Nathan Stone Reed is the son of Paul Reed and Lois Stone, my direct ancestors. Much of the research has been done for many of the children and this post will just summarize my findings for them. Some children need a lot more research, those children may end up getting their own blog post if the research become to involved.

Children of Robert Tedman Reed and Mary Ann Hoag:

1. Emma Jane Reed 1854–
2. Eva D. Reed 1856–1917
3. Charles White Reed 1858–1946
4. Florence A. Reed 1860–1932
5. John T. Reed 1864–1952
6. Lewis Reed 1867–1947
7. Della B. Reed 1869–
8. Albert Stephen Reed 1869–1943
9. Carrie E Reed 1873–1956

1. Emma Jane Reed 1854–

11/11/2016. Starting on descendants here. The 1900 Census says she gave birth to five children with four living. I found a headstone on Find A Grave that identifies the missing child, Ethel May Furman. I needed to correct some ages of the other children on FS, which were verified by marriage, census records, etc.

    Daughter, Iva Reed Furman married in 1900. She and Orin Lemon Morrison had several children. Most of them are identified and added to FS. Because they were born so recently (more than half after 1905), I did not add any of the children to my
    Son, Elmer Ray Furman. Records show he was married to Josephine, he lived in South Dakota and then moved to Wisconsin where he was burried. U.S. GenNet has a index of the Loyal City Cemetery in Wisconsin. The record identifies both Elmer and Josie's death information. It also lists their marriage date and Josie's maiden name and her parents name. The records were taken in part from the Neillsville Court House record.

2. Eva D. Reed 1856–1917

3. Charles White Reed 1853–1946

The 1910 Census indicates that Mary gave birth to 11 children but only 10 were still living. Yet, the 1910 Census indicates that she gave birth to six children and six were still living. His obituary is recorded on Find A Grave. It says that he was the father of only six children.

Son, Clyde Welby Reed. Most of this research was already completed in FS. 11/7/16 I updated a few dates and merged records for his wife, Mabel M. Stoner. There are children who were born more recently than 110 years ago, and I did not add them to FS, nor to my Ancestry records. They are available on the census records.

Son, Walter Owen Reed. Find A Grave shows his wife as Alta Irene Alford Reed with a daughter, Jessie Marie Merritt Carlson (maiden name of Merritt). FS identifies Walter's wife simply as Alta Merritt. Based on the Find A Grave memorial, I believe that Alta was married previously before she married Walter Reed. TODO 11/7/2016: Find proof about Alta's previous marriage and correct FS records.
   RESOLVED 11/9/2016: Lela Belle Alford is the same person as Alta Merritt. Evidence supporting this conclusion:
* Iowa Marriage records: Lela B. Alford married James Merritt on 10 February 1904 in Cherokee County.
* 1910 Federal Census: James (transcribed as Jones in census) and Lela appear with two children, Clayton and Jessie (transcribed as Jennie) in Cherokee County.
* Iowa Birth records: Jessie Marie Merritt is born in 1906 to James Merritt and Lela Belle Alford.
* SS Applications and Claim Index: Madeline Merritt, born 7 April 1913 to James R. Merritt and Lela B Alford.
* 1925 Iowa State Census: Alta Merritt (note the name change this time) is shown as the mother of Clayton, Jessie, and Madeline. She is also listed next to Walter Reed on the census, indicating they were neighbors.
* 1930 Federal Census: Alta Reed and Walter Reed are in the same household and married. Madeline Merritt is also in the same household and is the stepdaughter to the head of household.

The rest of the sons (Charles Bernard Reed, John Silas Reed, Ivan David Reed, and George Robert Reed) were straight forward and mostly input already into FS. I updated Many sources for the sons, though, I didn't take time to attach. They are in the ignored section if further investigation is needed.

4. Florence A. Reed 1860–1932
5. John T. Reed 1864–1952
6. Lewis Reed 1867–1947
7. Della B. Reed 1869–
8. Albert Stephen Reed 1869–1943
9. Carrie E Reed 1873–1956

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Emma Francis Reed, Daughter of Stephen Carpenter Reed and Francis Webster

Emma Francis Reed born, is the oldest daughter of Stephen Carpenter Reed and Emma J. Webster

Emma Frances Reed
1857–1923 • K8FT-GFB

Stephen C Reed
1831–1911 • KPWY-QFP

Emma J. Webster
1835–1903 • KPWY-QL8

Emma Reed was born in Wayne County, NY according to the NY State Census in 1865 and 1875. By 1875 she was living in Perinton, Monroe, New York.


Emma Francis Reed Goodwin: In her mother's obituary found on Find A Grave, she is identified as Mrs. Frankie Goodwin of New York. Question about her name: Is Frankie her nickname for Francis? Or is Frankie her husband's name?

        Found (10/30/2016): There is an entry in the 1910 Census; Webster, Monroe, New York, for a Emma F. Goodwin with two children, George W. Goodwin b. 1885 and Fred E. Goodwin b. 1892. I found a headstone for George W. Goodwin. He was born in 1885 in West Walworth, Wayne, New York. He died in 1976, Syracuse, Onondaga, New York. Because this data sounds very plausible, I have added these children to my tree in However, I don't know if this is accurate.

Resolved 11/1/2016: Found marriage record for George W. Goodwin to Olive Dorcas Willis. It identifies his parents as Emma F. Reid Goodwin and Eli Goodwin. Will now attach the records and update the family in both and

Whitney Connection

      Found (10/30/2016): 1900 Census for Stephen C. Reed and [wife] Reed [the bottom of the page is blurred.] I turned to the next page and found two more entries for the household of Stephen C. Reed: Daisy Reed, daughter. AND Stephen Whitney, grandson, born May 1879.

        Found (10/30/2016): Whitney spouse---There is a FamilySearch record for an Emma Reed (M6W6-L9S) born about 1857 who married Seth Whitney (M6W6-LMD) in Maine. Is this the same person? It is plausible because of information on the 1900 Census household of Stephen C. Reed. On October 31, 2016, I reserved the temple ordinances for both this Emma Reed and Seth Whitney. I don't want to merge the Emma Reeds yet because I'm not certain they are the same person. I think they are, but need more information.
        ACTION (3/17/2016) Upon further research, I believe that this Emma F. Reed is not the same person as Emma Francis Reed. (See notes about Seth H. Whitney below.) Therefore, I unreserved the temple work for both of them.

      Found (10/31/16): Emma Reed was living with her father, Stephen Reed in Perinton, Monroe, NY in the 1875 New York State Census. Could the Maine marriage record date be wrong on the index? TODO: Look for actual marriage record, of Seth Whitney and Francis Reed: FHL Film: Vital records, 1849-1939 Family History Library, 12839

     Found (10/31/2016): There is a Stephen C. Whitney who lived several years in Tacoma, Washington, and died there. Find A Grave for him says that he was born in Fairport, Monroe, New York on May 11, 1878. The 1900 Census record says he was born in May 1879. There are several other census records for Stephen C Whitney (sometimes with middle initial "L.") in Tacoma. They put his birth year anywhere from 1878 to 1882. All of these records identify his wife as Rose. This is a good, possible match for Stephen Whitney, grandson of Stephen C. Reed. Done--TODO, find his death certificate and see if it identifies his parents. Start with FHL Film: 2033392.

      Found (3/17/17) Film 2033392 only contains an index of the death records. The index does not identify his parents.

Puzzle Pieces about Seth H. Whitney

Although I believe that Seth H. Whitney is not Stephen C. Whitney's father, I still have a marriage record for Seth H Whitney to Emma F. Reed in 1873. Therefore, I want to document what I found about Seth H. Whitney.

Maine Birth Records: Charles F. Whitney, born 17 August 1886 [note, this is 2 1/2 years before marriage--I looked at a copy of the original, hand-written record and the date is as transcribed]. Birth place, North Vassalboro, Kennebec. Name of mother: Hannah Getchell; residence of mother: Getchell's Corner, No Vassalboro, Kennebec. Name of father: Seth Whitney; birth of father: Solon ME.

Maine Marriages: 20 April 1889, Seth H. Whitney and Hannah N. Getchell are married in Vassalboro, Kennebec, Maine.

1900 Federal Census: Vassalboro, Kennebec Maine; Seth Whitney is listed with his wife, Hannah. They have been married for 12 years. It is reported that Hannah had given birth to one child and one child was still living. Seth is also living with his son, Charles F. Whitney. [Note: in the succeeding census, she had zero children.]

1910 Federal Census: Vassalboro, Kennebec, Main; Seth Whitney is listed with his wife, Hannah. They have been married 20 years. It is reported that Hannah had given birth to zero children. Seth is also living with his son, Charles F. Whitney. [Note: in the previous census she had one child.]

1912 Hannah Whitney has a probate record. Two of her points were very interesting: she owned the house and property not Seth, and Charles's name or relationship to her are not clear. The record reads:
   "4th  I give bequeath and devise to my husband Seth H. Whitney the sum of One Thousand Dollars in money. Also the house and lot now occupied by me....
   "5th  I give bequeath and devise to Charles F. Whitney (so-called) the sum of One Thousand Dollars in Money. Also the Orchard lot....

1880 Census, I found a Seth Whitney and an Emma Whitney his wife with child Cora Whitney. Seth was born about 1853. Emma was born about 1854. Cora was born about 1868. As I researched, I found a Cora Pratt married to Richard Pratt in the 1900 Sagadahoc, ME Census. Richard has a mother-in-law named Emma F. Whitney who is divorced. Cora's death certificate says her mother is Emma Whitney and her father is a man named John Bragdon, note the different last name than Whitney. I have also found TWO other different Emma F. Whitney's, both living in Maine. One was married to Thomas. The other is single and sister to head of household, Edwin. She was born in December 1853 to Willard and Mary. There is an Emma F. Whitney in the 1860 census in the household of Isaac and Amanda.

I'm too confused with all the Emma Whitney's. But, based on Stephen C. Whitney's marriage record, I don't believe any of these are related to me. Therefore, I'm unreserving their temple work.

Relevant Links

Stephen C. Whitney Death Record in Washington:

Stephen C. Whitney FindaGrave,%20ohio&MSAV=1&msbdy=1879&msbpn__ftp=New%20York&cp=0&catbucket=rstp&uidh=7a8&pcat=ROOT_CATEGORY&h=46549074&db=FindAGraveUS&indiv=1&ml_rpos=9

Will and Probate for Hannah Whitney

1900 Census for Seth, Hannah, and Charles Whitney

Children of Stephen Carpenter Reed and Emma Jane Webster

October 30, 2016
Today I'm working on the descendants of Stephen Carpenter Reed and Emma Jane Webster.

I found an obituary of Emma J. Webster on Find A Grave. It is difficult to read. As near as I can tell it is transcribed as:

"This morning at 6:4[?] the relentless angel of death noiselessly entered the home of Stephen C. Reed of 747 South Main Street and saddened all the inmates in removing from their number a beloved wife and mother. Mrs. Reed had been complaining all winter and spring but she did not give up and take her bed until about four weeks ago when she lay down never to rise again. After being confied to her room less than a month she was carried of by [dro--- ?] [dro-ay ?] and calmly and peacefully passed to her eternal reward.

"Emma J. Webster was born in a place well known to all readers of American fiction, Cooperstown, New York. She had passed her sixty-fifth birthday anniversary when she was called home, having been born on a historic date, February 22, 1838 [?]

"While still a young girl she removed with her parents to Philadelphia where she grew to young womanhood and was married to Stephen C. Reed. After her marriage she removed with her husband to Walworth, New York and from their to Fairport N Y. In 1878 they came to Lima and have lived since in the home which was her last earthly home.

" Six daughters were born to her of whom five remain to mourn for a mother one having preceed her by a few years in the bourne [?] whence no traveler ever returns. The children are Mrs. Frankie Goodwin of New York State.  Mrs. M. S. Lovell who died three years ago at Oswego NY. Miss Clara S. Reed, principal of [?] Pine Street School building. Mrs. Ella Morris. Miss Alice Reed and Miss Daisy Reed all of this city.

"The funeral arrangements are not all completed owing to the fact that the pastors of the Presbyterian Church are both out of the city. The funeral will take place at the house at 2 o clock Tuesday afternoon and the remains will be laid away in Woodlawn. In their hour of deep distress the husband and daughters have the heartfelt sympathy of their many friends."

1. Emma Francis Reed: This research log grew very big. I moved it to it's own post, dated 10/31/2016. married Goodwin. Obituary callers her Mrs. Frankie Goodwin. Is that her middle name? Or is that her husband's name? They live in New York.
        There is an entry in the 1910 Census; Webster, Monroe, New York, for a Emma F. Goodwin with two children. On my family tree, I have her with two husbands, last names of Goodwin and Whitney. I don't know where I got those two names from, though.

       I found a headstone for George W. Goodwin. He was born in 1885 in West Walworth, Wayne, New York. He died in 1976, Syracuse, Onondaga, New York. Because this data sounds very plausible, I have added these children to my tree in However, I don't know if this is accurate.

Resolved: Found marriage record for George W. Goodwin to Olive Dorcas Willis. It identifies his parents as Emma F. Reid Goodwin and Eli Goodwin

       Found: 1900 Census for Stephen C. Reed and [wife] Reed [the bottom of the page is blurred.] I turned to the next page and found two more entries for the household of Stephen C. Reed: Daisy Reed, daughter. AND Stephen Whitney, grandson, born May 1879. It is possible that Emma and Seth eloped to Maine. Then she remarried Goodwin (either from divorce or death of Seth)

        Found: Whitney spouse---There is a FamilySearch record for an Emma Reed M6W6-L9S
 born about 1857 who married Seth Whitney in Maine. It this the same person? On October 31, 2016, I reserved the temple ordinances for both this Emma Reed and Seth Whitney. I don't want to merge the Emma Reeds yet because I'm not certain they are the same person. I think they are, but need more information.

      Found (10/31/16): Emma Reed was living with her father, Stephen C. Reed in Perinton, Monroe, NY in the 1875 New York State Census. Could the Maine marriage record date be wrong on the index? TODO: Look for actual marriage record, FHL Film: Vital records, 1849-1939 Family History Library, 12839

TODO: Find proof of spouse and children for Emma Francis Reed Whitney Goodwin--for more detailed ToDo's see the separate entry for Emma R. Reed.

2. Mary Etta Reed: She married Myron Lovell and died in 1900. 11/2/2016 Her children were easy to find on Ancestry and FamilySearch. They are now added to my family tree through the early 1900s.

3. Clara S. Reed Wilson: She died June 2, 1950 in Lima, Allen, Ohio. 11/2/2016 She and her husband are added to my family tree on Ancestry.
I found an obituary on FindAGrave for Clara. It reads:
   "Mrs. Clara Reed Wilson.
   "Final rites for Mrs. Clara Reed Wilson, 85 of 718 Greenlawn-av, retired Washington School principal, will be at 2 p.m. in Welker Brothers Funeral Home.The Rev. Phillip Sorce will officiate with burial in Greenlawn Cemetery.
    "Mrs. Wilson died Friday in Memorial Hospital. She was born October 22, 1864 in Fairport, N.Y. From 1882 to 1911 Mrs. Wilson taught school and later served as principal of Washington school. She also was a teacher in the Lima citizenship classes.
   "A member of Olivet Presbyterian church, Mrs. Wilson was an organizer and charter member of the Chautauqua Club. Her husband, William Wilson, died in 1921.
   "Surviving are two sisters, Mrs. A. J. Morris 1545 W. High-st and Mrs. Vernon Woods, Van Wert.
   "The body will remain in the funeral home until burial."

4. Ella Tedman Reed: married Arthur J. Morris. They had two sons, Paul Reed Morris and Kenneth Arthur Morris. 11/2/16: Paul's death certificate indicates he was married. It looks like the informant of his death was Celia Burket [?] Morris. FindAGrave shows there is a Cecelia Burket Morris burried in the same cemetery. But, there are not pictures or details of either headstone. TODO 11/2/16: I'm going to let and family search see if they can come up with any record hints about Paul's wife. Resolved: Find A Grave pictures of the headstone/crypt cover showed Cecelia Burket married to Paull Reed Morris.

Kenneth A. Morris died in 1931. He was divorced at the time of his death. Death certificate identifies his wife as Catherine Bauer. They were married in 1914.

5. Alice Webster Reed: I found an obituary on FindAGrave for Alice. It reads:
"Lady Passes Away in Cincinnati. News of Demise of Alice W. Reed Received Here Yesterday Morning. A Telegram was received here yesterday afternoon announcing the death of Alice W. Reed at Cincinnati. Deceased is the daughter of S.C. Reed of 747 south Main street and was aged 34 years. Particulars concerning death were not given. The remains will reach Lima this afternoon at four o'clock. No funeral arrangements have been made." Lima Times Democrat (Lima, OH) 01-16-1905; page 8

6. Daisy Reed: As near as I can tell, she married three different times: Thomas Virgil Idle, divorced in 1910 or 1911. George Willard Kepler, married in 1911. George had been married and divorced also. George Williard Kepler died in Florida in 1941. Her death certificate identifies her as widowed, Daisy Myra Reed Woods and that she died in Van Wert, Ohio. Her sister Clara's obituary indicates her name was Mrs. Vernon Woods. The death certificate says she was buried at the Woodlawn Cemetery in Lima, Ohio. I cannot find a memorial on Find A Grave. I don't know what last name her headstone would contain.
     11/4/2016 I found a William Vernon Woods (FS number L2SN-T77) who lived most of his life in Van Wert County, Ohio. He was married to Virginia "Virgie" Siler. She died in 1936. In W.V.Woods 1942 WWII draft record, it doesn't indicate that he is married. His daughter, Mary Virginia Woods, is the person listed who would always know his address.
     I believe that this is the same person that Daisy Reed married after George died. I can't find proof, yet. though. 11/6/2016. Resolved: "Mr W V Woods; in the Ohio, Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center Obituary Index, 1810s-2013; mentioned his wife as Virgie Siler and another family member as Daisy Keplar.

Email Correspondence with Woodlawn Cemetery about Daisy's Burial:
From: Linda Zinn <>

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Mary Winegar b 1901 Daughter of Edmond Wallace Winegar and Anna Catherine Nielsen

I've been looking at the descendants of my Sumner ancestors. One family in particular are the subjects of this post. Edmond Wallace Winegar (KPW4-9FZ) and  his wife (L4JG-3BG). They had ten children listed in their family. The youngest child was Mary Minnie Winegar. She is actually two different people.


* There are two different birth records, one for Minnie and one for Mary. Each of the records says that the girl is a twin.

* The 1910 Census indicates that the mother, Anna Catherine Nielsen, had given birth to 11 children. 


Find birth and death records of Minnie and Mary. I need the death record to see how much temple work to do.

Book on cemeteries in Fairview:
Fairview/Albaton, Monona County Iowa: 977.744

I sent email requests to several family trees on who had Minnie Mary Winegar in their family trees. These trees all listed the death date as 1910. I wrote asking for more information.
* Masters Family Tree
* Ladely Family and Collateral Lineages
* shinn Family Tree
* Anne Alsup Family Tree

DEAD END: I did an online search of "Burial transit permits, 1938-1968 ; death records index, 1880-1954." I searched using the last name Winegar. Nothing appeared that would have matched Mary or Minnie.

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Diantha Reed Blackman

In my records, Paul Reed and Lois Stone Reed have a daughter whose name is listed as Diantha Blackman Reed. At first I thought that might be a middle name that was taken from an ancestor's last name. As I have done research, I'm beginning to believe that Diantha Reed married Lewis Blackman.

I have found Diantha Blackman in Macedon, Wayne, New York in the 1850, 1870, and 1880 Census records. She was born about the same time as Diantha Reed.

TODO: Look for land records or probate records that might list her as an heir to her father and mother's estate or connected in some other way to the Reed family.

1/29/2017: Searched grantee records for Wayne County: Grantee index v. A-C 1823-1869; Bla for Blackman, Lewis and/or Diantha. Could not find anything. Also looked through the BLs for transactions on Macedon. Still couldn't find anything.

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Adaline Knowles Hill 1830 to 1927

Find A Grave for Adeline Knowles (Knolls) Hill
2nd wife of Willis R. Hill; married in Macedon, NY on 9 October 1858

1858 married probably in Macedon, New York
1866 moved to Hudson, Michigan
1878 moved to Cherokee, Iowa
1903 moved to O'Brien County, Iowa

Those from out of town who attended the funeral were:

~~ ·       Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Zwick of Cherokee, L2K2-CQ4
~~ ·       Mr. and Mrs. George Zwick of Cherokee, L2K2-C7G
~~ ·       Mr. and Mrs. Will Hill and son Willie of Lake Button, Minnesota, 99TF-KGD
~~ ·       Glenn Hill, M4HP-ZP9
~~ ·       Mrs. Irvin Sutton,  (Carrie Hunt Sutton, daughter of Alice Knowles Hunt as well as sister to Mrs. Lillian A. Hunt/Mrs. L. B. Hill--) L44H-8D3
~~ ·       Mrs. L. B. Hill  of Brookings, South Dakota, (wife of Lewis B. Hill) K4RJ-NGM
~~ ·       Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hill and son Richard of Huron, South Dakota, K83N-H9D
~~ ·       Mr. and Mrs. Leon Hill of Sioux City, Iowa, (Lewis B. Hill's son), L7BY-M2Z 
~~ ·       Mr. and Mrs. Earl Zwick of Cherokee, L2K2-C3Q 
~~ ·       Mr. and Mrs. Will Jenkins of Washta, Iowa, (Charlotte), 2WNV-RRJ
~~ ·       Mr. and Mrs. Will Olhausen and sons of Moneta, Iowa, (Mary), LZNX-RBB
~~ ·       Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Wiese and son, (Irene Olhausen and husband), K29X-YV3
~~ ·       Mr. and Mrs. Carl Bruggman, (Eva Olhausen and husband), MKB8-PSF 
~~ ·       Mr. and Mrs. Eldred Triplett of Moneta, Iowa, (Louella Olhausen), LC2Q-2MW
~~ ·       Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Summerbell of Dickens, Iowa (most likely Mrs. Douglas Summerbell is Eulalia B. Merrill, sister to Grace Isabel Merrill who married Myron Hill), LWK7-2L2

Children in Obit
Children on Family Search:
Lyman Edwin, 1858
Lewis B, 1861
Alice Alvira, 1862
Myron, 1860

William Reed, 1867
Isabelle, 1868
Irene, 1869
Earnest Payne, 1872
Mary Elizabeth, 1877

*Willis--He was listed in FamilySearch, but upon further research is not the son of Adaline. I removed him from FamilySearch on 2/17/2017.
*Matthew--Matthew "Mattie" does not belong to the family. Matie is a nickname for Mary Elizabeth.
*Charlotte--Find A Grave memorial lists her name as Charlotte, J. "Lottie, Lois" Hill Jenkins
Mary Elizabeth

Lewis, Irene, and Imogene died before this obituary.

2/17/2017. I found a census record that might have Imogene.

It includes:  Isabelle Hill, age 1; Mary Hill, age 7/12. Census says she was born in Dec of 1869. I can't find this Mary. There is another Mary (Mary Elizabeth) born several years later.
    Disproved: Upon further analysis, I realized the Irene is the daughter who was born December 1869.

RESOLUTION 2/25/2017:
After analyzing all the children's information and reading the obituary several times, I decided to add Imogene after Myron and before William. The obituary listed all the other children in birth order, so I conclude that Imogene would have been inserted in birth order as well. I believe she died as a young child or an infant--sometime before the 1870 Federal Census, as all other children were listed on the census with the exception of the oldest who was living in a different home.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Jason Purdy, Sabrina Beal, and Frank Purdy

Frank Kelly Purdy (K86N-JJV)
Jason Purdy married to Sabrina Beal (KCZB-15P)
Sabrina R. Beal (K4J4-K7B)
Mercy Ann Beal sister of Sabrina (LHK6-167)
Jason Purdy married to Sabrina Sheldon (K4DH-S94)
Sabrina Sheldon (KZBQ-DYR)
Eliab Purdy (LC8R-QM3)

Francis Kelly Purdy, born 1864 might not be the son of Jason Purdy, born 1829 and Sabrina Beal born 1832

There is a discrepancy on the census records about who Frank's parents are. The 1880 census says he is Jason Purdy's nephew. The 1900 census says that Jason Purdy is the father. But, in both records, it shows that Jason Purdy was born in Pennsylvania and that Frank's father was actually born in New York.

Moreover (as noted in the last post), some FamilySearch records indicate that Sabrina Beal born 1801 married Eliab Purdy. The last post questioned that accurateness of that record. This is further questioned by the fact that Sabrina Beal (b. 1801) is the aunt of the Sabrina Beal (b. 1832) who married Jason Purdy.

More research needs to be done.

RESOLVED--Futher Research Showed NOT Resolved.
Below is the first conclusion. Following that is the what I found through further research:

Two sets of records:

1. I found death records for both Jason and Sabrina. Sabrina's record indicates that she was married. She had two children, one living. Her father is Seth Beal. Frank Purdy signed the death record. Jason's death record showed that he was widowed and that his parents are Eliab Purdy and Mary Harverd. Jason's death record also indicates that he was born in New York and that both of his parents were born in Massachusetts.

2. FindAGrave has pictures of headstones. The headstones indicate birth and death dates for Jason, Sabrina, Frank, and Frank's wife, Anna. They indicate that Sabrina was born in Macedon, NY. There is also a memorial that says that Frank married Anna Parker. Anna's headstone is also there with the others.


1. Death Record of Jason Purdy, b. October 12, 1829; d. June 25, 1905
Died in Wright, Ottawa, Michigan
Age 20 at first marriage. Father of NONE children
Father: Eliab Purdy
Mother: Mary Harverd

2. Death Record of Sabrina R. Purdy, b. February 1832; d. September 28, 1900
Died in Wright, Ottawa, Michigan; born in New York
18 years as resident
1st marriage at age 23; 2 children, 1 living
Father: Seth Beal
Place of burial: Berlin Cemetery

3. Marriage record for Frank Kelly Purdy to Lydia J. Moorhead; August 27, 1928
Frank had been married one time before.
Frank was born in Michigan

Father's name: William Kelly; mother's maiden name: Sabrina Beal
Lydia had been married one time before
Spouse's father: Alfred Emmons; Spouse's mother: Ellen Frank
Witnesses: Wm. T. Moorhead and Mrs. M. L. Goodale

4. Obituary of Mrs. Frank Purdy, July 21, 1941
Children mentioned: Mrs. Leona Goodale of Grand Rapids, MI and William Moorhead of Wright, MI
Sister: Mrs. Etta Bisbee of Moline
She was born November 5, 1861 in Allegan County

This record is important because it connects Frank Purdy with a second wife. And it it eheir marriage record lists Frank's parents (William Kelly and Sabrina Beal).

5. Obituary of Frank Purdy's sister: Myrtie Rosengrant
Myrtie Rosengrant, wife of Horace Rosengrant
Died on December 16, 1935 in Sparta, MI
Children surviving William A. of Grand Rapids and Mrs. Hugh Barry of Sparta
Also survived by brother: Frank Kelly Purdy of Marne

6. Indexed Death Record of Frank Purdy:
Born: December 1864
Died: August 10, 1946 at Grand Rapids, Kent, MI

7. FindaGrave  Mercy Ann Beal Kelly
Born: July 12, 1829
Died: March 20, 1865
(Mercy married William Kelly.)

8. Marriage record for Seth B. Purdy, son of Frank Kelly Purdy
Marriage record identifies Seth's wife
Parents are Frank Purdy and Anna V. Parker


The following makes sense to me:
William Kelly and Mercy Beal Kelly are the birth parents of Frank Kelly Purdy. He was born December 1864 in Marne Michigan. Mercy died three months later in March 1865. At that point Jason Purdy and Sabrina Beal Purdy took Frank in to their home to raise him. That is why he is listed in the 1880 census as the nephew. By the 1900 census, it is like Jason and Sabrina are his parents, and the census taker lists him as such.

The obituary of Myrtie Rosengrant says she is survived by her brother Frank Kelly Purdy. Myrtie Kelly is the daughter or William Kelly and Mercy Ann Beal. She married Horace Rosengrant. Thus, Myrtie and Frank are brother/sister with the same parents.

More proof is listed on the marriage certificate of Frank Kelly Purdy to Lydia Moorehood. It identifies his father as William Kelly and his mother as Sabrina Beal. I believe the "Sabrina" part was an error and it should have read "Mercy". But, relationships blur after living with an "adopted mother" your whole life."

Because Frank Kelly Purdy was raised by Jason and Sabrina, the headstone is located with them.

Jason Purdy is married to wrong Sabrina.


*** Found a merged record for Mrs. Sabrina Purdy. The deleted person's PID is MM2F-BG8. I sent several messages to individuals who had merged, changed, or sourced these records. If I don't hear back from them, I'll restore the deleted individual and unattach Sabrina Sheldon from Jason Purdy.

Merged Sabrina Sheldon with another Sabrina Sheldon; spouse of Joseph Thomas.


*** More evidence that Sabrina is a Beal not a Sheldon. Grandson, Seth Beal Purdy's full name is listed on his WWII Draft Registration​

10/25/2016 Update Work on Anna Purdy

~~ Anna Purdy is not the child of Jason and Sabrina. Death certificate of Jason Purdy says he is the parent of "none" children. Do not know who Anna Purdy belongs to. I did preliminary searches on both Ancestry and FamilySearch for records about Anna Purdy. I couldn't find anything. I tried to see if Sabrina Sheldon and Joseph Thomas had a daughter named Anna. I couldn't find many records for them. I also checked to see if Jason's brother, Ephraim, had a daughter named Anna. I found an Ephraim who married Anna. I couldn't find anything definitive there, either.

Today I removed Anna Purdy L2FP-3J2 ​as a child of Jason and Sabrina.

William Kelly married again after Mercy died (as per headstone on FindaGrave that lists both wives.)--Ruth A. Knowles added and temple work reserved.

Mercy Ann Beals death date is wrong.--Corrected

Frank Kelly Purdy does not have a spouse.--Married twice. Both added and temple work reserved

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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Nathan Stone Reed, b. 1803 Macedon, NY

Hannah G. Reed Beal and Seth Beal
Friends Cemetery, Farmington, NY
Today I was praying for help with my family history research. I would really like to find some more of my relatives in the Palmyra area before summer of 2017 when we take a family trip to Palmyra. I felt impressed to look at the family of Hannah Gould Reed (b. 1806). Hannah G. Reed Beal is my 3rd Great Grandmother.

I went into FamilySearch to Hannah's parents, Lois Stone and Paul Reed.  Paul Reed's records indicate that he has more than one wife for the same time period. So, I switched the view to Lois Stone. I looked at the descendancy view to begin my work.

The oldest child is Sabrina Reed. FS shows a spouse of Eliab Purdy. However, FindAGrave has a couple of records that raise questions about this marriage. There is a headstone for Eliab Purdy in Ohio. Linked with that memorial is a daughter, Mercy Ann (Purdy) Kibby. Mercy's  memorial reads: "Dgt. of Eliab and Mary (Hartford) Purdy. Wife of Harmon Kibby." More research is needed to determine any information about Sabrina Reed.

I also looked at Nathan Stone Reed. FS has him with three wives: Mary Ann Tedman, d. 1835; Mary A. Rice, d. 1860; and Sarepta Simpson, married after 1860. The FindAGrave memorials indicate children for each of the Mary's. On FS, there were several children attached to Mary Ann Tedman who were born after she died. Today I merged some of the inaccurate records and moved the children to Mary A. Rice.

There is still a lot of research to be done with this family. I didn't start research or attaching records until I had the family cleaned up a bit. This is where I will pick up when I come back. My first TODO, though, I think, is to get this family made into a tree and loaded onto Then I will work with both Ancestry and FS to research, source, and work on this line of my family.