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Jason Purdy, Sabrina Beal, and Frank Purdy

Frank Kelly Purdy (K86N-JJV)
Jason Purdy married to Sabrina Beal (KCZB-15P)
Sabrina R. Beal (K4J4-K7B)
Mercy Ann Beal sister of Sabrina (LHK6-167)
Jason Purdy married to Sabrina Sheldon (K4DH-S94)
Sabrina Sheldon (KZBQ-DYR)
Eliab Purdy (LC8R-QM3)

Francis Kelly Purdy, born 1864 might not be the son of Jason Purdy, born 1829 and Sabrina Beal born 1832

There is a discrepancy on the census records about who Frank's parents are. The 1880 census says he is Jason Purdy's nephew. The 1900 census says that Jason Purdy is the father. But, in both records, it shows that Jason Purdy was born in Pennsylvania and that Frank's father was actually born in New York.

Moreover (as noted in the last post), some FamilySearch records indicate that Sabrina Beal born 1801 married Eliab Purdy. The last post questioned that accurateness of that record. This is further questioned by the fact that Sabrina Beal (b. 1801) is the aunt of the Sabrina Beal (b. 1832) who married Jason Purdy.

More research needs to be done.

RESOLVED--Futher Research Showed NOT Resolved.
Below is the first conclusion. Following that is the what I found through further research:

Two sets of records:

1. I found death records for both Jason and Sabrina. Sabrina's record indicates that she was married. She had two children, one living. Her father is Seth Beal. Frank Purdy signed the death record. Jason's death record showed that he was widowed and that his parents are Eliab Purdy and Mary Harverd. Jason's death record also indicates that he was born in New York and that both of his parents were born in Massachusetts.

2. FindAGrave has pictures of headstones. The headstones indicate birth and death dates for Jason, Sabrina, Frank, and Frank's wife, Anna. They indicate that Sabrina was born in Macedon, NY. There is also a memorial that says that Frank married Anna Parker. Anna's headstone is also there with the others.


1. Death Record of Jason Purdy, b. October 12, 1829; d. June 25, 1905
Died in Wright, Ottawa, Michigan
Age 20 at first marriage. Father of NONE children
Father: Eliab Purdy
Mother: Mary Harverd

2. Death Record of Sabrina R. Purdy, b. February 1832; d. September 28, 1900
Died in Wright, Ottawa, Michigan; born in New York
18 years as resident
1st marriage at age 23; 2 children, 1 living
Father: Seth Beal
Place of burial: Berlin Cemetery

3. Marriage record for Frank Kelly Purdy to Lydia J. Moorhead; August 27, 1928
Frank had been married one time before.
Frank was born in Michigan

Father's name: William Kelly; mother's maiden name: Sabrina Beal
Lydia had been married one time before
Spouse's father: Alfred Emmons; Spouse's mother: Ellen Frank
Witnesses: Wm. T. Moorhead and Mrs. M. L. Goodale

4. Obituary of Mrs. Frank Purdy, July 21, 1941
Children mentioned: Mrs. Leona Goodale of Grand Rapids, MI and William Moorhead of Wright, MI
Sister: Mrs. Etta Bisbee of Moline
She was born November 5, 1861 in Allegan County

This record is important because it connects Frank Purdy with a second wife. And it it eheir marriage record lists Frank's parents (William Kelly and Sabrina Beal).

5. Obituary of Frank Purdy's sister: Myrtie Rosengrant
Myrtie Rosengrant, wife of Horace Rosengrant
Died on December 16, 1935 in Sparta, MI
Children surviving William A. of Grand Rapids and Mrs. Hugh Barry of Sparta
Also survived by brother: Frank Kelly Purdy of Marne

6. Indexed Death Record of Frank Purdy:
Born: December 1864
Died: August 10, 1946 at Grand Rapids, Kent, MI

7. FindaGrave  Mercy Ann Beal Kelly
Born: July 12, 1829
Died: March 20, 1865
(Mercy married William Kelly.)

8. Marriage record for Seth B. Purdy, son of Frank Kelly Purdy
Marriage record identifies Seth's wife
Parents are Frank Purdy and Anna V. Parker


The following makes sense to me:
William Kelly and Mercy Beal Kelly are the birth parents of Frank Kelly Purdy. He was born December 1864 in Marne Michigan. Mercy died three months later in March 1865. At that point Jason Purdy and Sabrina Beal Purdy took Frank in to their home to raise him. That is why he is listed in the 1880 census as the nephew. By the 1900 census, it is like Jason and Sabrina are his parents, and the census taker lists him as such.

The obituary of Myrtie Rosengrant says she is survived by her brother Frank Kelly Purdy. Myrtie Kelly is the daughter or William Kelly and Mercy Ann Beal. She married Horace Rosengrant. Thus, Myrtie and Frank are brother/sister with the same parents.

More proof is listed on the marriage certificate of Frank Kelly Purdy to Lydia Moorehood. It identifies his father as William Kelly and his mother as Sabrina Beal. I believe the "Sabrina" part was an error and it should have read "Mercy". But, relationships blur after living with an "adopted mother" your whole life."

Because Frank Kelly Purdy was raised by Jason and Sabrina, the headstone is located with them.

Jason Purdy is married to wrong Sabrina.


*** Found a merged record for Mrs. Sabrina Purdy. The deleted person's PID is MM2F-BG8. I sent several messages to individuals who had merged, changed, or sourced these records. If I don't hear back from them, I'll restore the deleted individual and unattach Sabrina Sheldon from Jason Purdy.

Merged Sabrina Sheldon with another Sabrina Sheldon; spouse of Joseph Thomas.


*** More evidence that Sabrina is a Beal not a Sheldon. Grandson, Seth Beal Purdy's full name is listed on his WWII Draft Registration​

10/25/2016 Update Work on Anna Purdy

~~ Anna Purdy is not the child of Jason and Sabrina. Death certificate of Jason Purdy says he is the parent of "none" children. Do not know who Anna Purdy belongs to. I did preliminary searches on both Ancestry and FamilySearch for records about Anna Purdy. I couldn't find anything. I tried to see if Sabrina Sheldon and Joseph Thomas had a daughter named Anna. I couldn't find many records for them. I also checked to see if Jason's brother, Ephraim, had a daughter named Anna. I found an Ephraim who married Anna. I couldn't find anything definitive there, either.

Today I removed Anna Purdy L2FP-3J2 ​as a child of Jason and Sabrina.

William Kelly married again after Mercy died (as per headstone on FindaGrave that lists both wives.)--Ruth A. Knowles added and temple work reserved.

Mercy Ann Beals death date is wrong.--Corrected

Frank Kelly Purdy does not have a spouse.--Married twice. Both added and temple work reserved

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Nathan Stone Reed, b. 1803 Macedon, NY

Hannah G. Reed Beal and Seth Beal
Friends Cemetery, Farmington, NY
Today I was praying for help with my family history research. I would really like to find some more of my relatives in the Palmyra area before summer of 2017 when we take a family trip to Palmyra. I felt impressed to look at the family of Hannah Gould Reed (b. 1806). Hannah G. Reed Beal is my 3rd Great Grandmother.

I went into FamilySearch to Hannah's parents, Lois Stone and Paul Reed.  Paul Reed's records indicate that he has more than one wife for the same time period. So, I switched the view to Lois Stone. I looked at the descendancy view to begin my work.

The oldest child is Sabrina Reed. FS shows a spouse of Eliab Purdy. However, FindAGrave has a couple of records that raise questions about this marriage. There is a headstone for Eliab Purdy in Ohio. Linked with that memorial is a daughter, Mercy Ann (Purdy) Kibby. Mercy's  memorial reads: "Dgt. of Eliab and Mary (Hartford) Purdy. Wife of Harmon Kibby." More research is needed to determine any information about Sabrina Reed.

I also looked at Nathan Stone Reed. FS has him with three wives: Mary Ann Tedman, d. 1835; Mary A. Rice, d. 1860; and Sarepta Simpson, married after 1860. The FindAGrave memorials indicate children for each of the Mary's. On FS, there were several children attached to Mary Ann Tedman who were born after she died. Today I merged some of the inaccurate records and moved the children to Mary A. Rice.

There is still a lot of research to be done with this family. I didn't start research or attaching records until I had the family cleaned up a bit. This is where I will pick up when I come back. My first TODO, though, I think, is to get this family made into a tree and loaded onto Then I will work with both Ancestry and FS to research, source, and work on this line of my family.