Sunday, May 15, 2016

Mary Winegar b 1901 Daughter of Edmond Wallace Winegar and Anna Catherine Nielsen

I've been looking at the descendants of my Sumner ancestors. One family in particular are the subjects of this post. Edmond Wallace Winegar (KPW4-9FZ) and  his wife (L4JG-3BG). They had ten children listed in their family. The youngest child was Mary Minnie Winegar. She is actually two different people.


* There are two different birth records, one for Minnie and one for Mary. Each of the records says that the girl is a twin.

* The 1910 Census indicates that the mother, Anna Catherine Nielsen, had given birth to 11 children. 


Find birth and death records of Minnie and Mary. I need the death record to see how much temple work to do.

Book on cemeteries in Fairview:
Fairview/Albaton, Monona County Iowa: 977.744

I sent email requests to several family trees on who had Minnie Mary Winegar in their family trees. These trees all listed the death date as 1910. I wrote asking for more information.
* Masters Family Tree
* Ladely Family and Collateral Lineages
* shinn Family Tree
* Anne Alsup Family Tree

DEAD END: I did an online search of "Burial transit permits, 1938-1968 ; death records index, 1880-1954." I searched using the last name Winegar. Nothing appeared that would have matched Mary or Minnie.