Monday, April 28, 2014

Ora Lee Reyburn and Samuel B. Saddler

28 April 2014

I am looking for evidence that Ora Lee Reyburn is the daughter of John Andrew Johnson Reyburn and Sallie E. Adkins. I have not been able to find that evidence. The connection for me came initially from a Family Tree in as well as a file from a correspondent from several years ago. I have not found any proof of that.

However, today I did find more information about Ora Lee Reyburn and tracked her down to her death in Custer, Montana. Here is a summary of my research:

1910 Federal Census: Missouri, Vernon, Bacon, District 0135
* Saddler, S. B., head, male, white, 37, married once for 9 years, born Kentucky, English, farm laborer, can read, cannot write, renting
* Saddler, Ora, wife, female, white, 26, married once for 9 years, born Missouri, father born Missouri, English, reads/writes
* Saddler, Raymond, son, male, white, 7, single, Missouri, Kentucky, Missouri, attended school
* Saddler, Lilllie May, daughter, female, white, 6, single, Missouri, Kentucky, Missouri, attended school

1920 Federal Census: Montana, Custer, Clearmont, Township: School district 61, District 045; January 12-14, 1920
* Saddler, Sam, head, owns, free, male, white, 46, married, reads, writes, Kentucky, Kentucky, Kentucky, farmer
* Saddler, Reyburn, wife, female, white, 37, married, reads, writes, Missouri, Missouri, U.S.
* Saddler, Raymond, son, male, white, 17, single, reads, writes, Missouri, Kentucky, Missouri
* Saddler, Lillie, daughter, female, white, 16, single, reads, writes, Missouri, Kentucky, Missouri

Montana Death Index
Oral L. Saddler, 6 Jun 1925, Custer, Montana; (
The ID number is 30499; the Certificate Number is MC-846; The MC stands for the lcoation, and the number is the item number. (

Montana Death Index
Sam B. Saddler, 13, Sep 1949, Custer, Montana; (

1930 Federal Census: Montana, Roosevelt, School District 8, District 7
* Saddler, S. B., lodger, male, white, 55, widowed, 27 when married, reads/writes, born Kentucky, parents born Kentucky, works on farm

1940 Federal Census: Montana, Custer, Kircher, District 9-12
* Saddler, Sam, owns, value 2,000, head, male, white, 66, widowed, grade 1, Kentucky, Same House, private work, farmer

1918 WW I Draft Registration
Samuel B. Saddler, Hathaway, Montana
44 years, born 1 January 1874
Farming in Hathaway, Custer, Montana
Nearest relative: Ora L. Saddler, Hathaway, Custer, Montana

Kentucky Birth Records:
Samuel L. Saddler, 1st Jan 1874, male, born in Garrard, Kentucky
Father: John A. Saddler; Mother: Elizabeth Ferrell (Terrell?)

Some of my previous research about Ora Lee Reyburn is from March 2011. It includes the following:

27 March 2011. Still looking for proof that Ora Lee is John Andrew's daughter.

A family tree on lists Ora Lee Reyburn as daughter of John A Reyburn.  Also, she is listed in the 1900 Census in the same household. But the 1910 Census lists her as J.H. Reyburn's niece. I think that she is really his granddaughter instead but looking for proof.

Marriage record for Ora Lee Reyburn
md. Sam Sadler, 29 January 1901
home of bride: Schell City, Vernon, Missouri Missouri Marriage Records, 1805-2002 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2007.
Original data: Missouri Marriage Records. Jefferson City, MO, USA: Missouri State Archives.