Thursday, March 29, 2012

Adam Kemp Reyburn; Possibly Kenneth Reyburn--Son of Darius Elisha Reyburn

March 25, 2012

Found death record for Kenneth Reyburn, born 1865, son of Elisha Reyburn and Millie Shackleford. Wife is Julia Reyburn. Died August 11, 1923, in Kansas City, Jackson, MO. Burried in Higginsville, Lafayette, MO. Occupation was listed as coal miner.

Dearth record for Julia C. Reyburn; widow of A Kemp Reyburn. father's last name Gilkey. Died in Kansas City, Jackson, MO. Burried in Higginsville, Lafayette, MO. Informant was Wm. Crane

Marriage record for Adam K Reyburn to Julia C. Gilkey, 29 Sept 1888, Higginsville, Layfette, MO (on

Found several census records (1900, 1910, and 1920) for both AK Reyburn and Julia and 1930 census record for widowed Julia.

1900 Census, (Higginsville City) Davis, Lafayette, MO (District 150, Sheet 21B)

* Raeper, Adam K., head, white, male, May 1868, 32, married, 12 years, Missouri, Missouri, Missouri, Coal Miner
* Raeper, Julia, wife, white, female, March 1870, 30 married, 12 years, 1 child, 1 living, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania
* Raeper, Jessie, daughter, white, female, Mar 1891, 9, single, Missouri, Missouri, Missouri
* Raeper, Eli, father, white, male, Jan 1827, 73 widowed, Missouri, Missouri, Missouri

1910 Census, Davis, Lafayette, MO
A. Kemp Reyburn, 44
Julia c. Reyburn, 40

1920 Census, Kansas City, Jackson, MO

A K Reyburn, head, 53
Julia Reyburn, wife, 48
Jessie Moore, daughter, 26
Talmadge Moore, granddaughter, 9
Mandy Wood, lodger, 25
Mary P Wood, lodger, 8

1930 Census, Kansas City, Jackson, MO
William M. Crane, 36,
Jessie Crane, 39
Russel Crane, 6
Gloria Crane, 3 9/12
Julia Reyburn, 60

If tracing the census records is correct, then Julia's daughter, Jessie E. Reyburn married Clifton Moore and then William Crane.

Found marriage record for both Jessie E. Reyburn and Clifton Moore; they were both from Higginsville, Lafayette, MO. Married and Adam K Reyburn in Higginsville, Lafayette, MO. Jessie was under 18 years old and her father gave consent. The marriage too place on 16 May 1908.

On they didn't have a marriage record for Jessie Moore or Jessie Reyburn to William M. Crane. I did find a marriage record for a Jessie E. Wornson married to William M. Crane in 1921. It said William was 27 years old and from Wyandotte County, Kansas. Jessie was 28 years old and from Jackson County, MO.

Reasons for Believing Adam Kemp Reyburn and Kenneth Reyburn are the same person
* Kenneth's wife is Julia Reyburn
* Adam Kemp married Julia.
* Both Kenneth and Julia were living in Kansas City when they died and were buried in Higginsville, Lafayette, MO, which is 53 miles away.
* Adam K and Julia were married in Higginsville.
* Jesse E. Reyburn who married Clifton Moore was from Higginsville.
* A Kemp and Julie are living in Davis, Lafayette, MO in 1910 Census. Davis is 3 miles away from Higginsville.
* Kenneth Reyburn was 58 years old when he died in 1923; born 1865.
* Adam Kemp was 53 years old, born about 1867 in 1920 census.
* Adam Kemp was 44 years old, born about 1866, in 1910 census.
Additional Info
* A. Kemp Reyburn is not living with Julia in the 1930 Census. She is now living with her daughter, Jessie and William Crane. 
* If the 1900 Census record is identified correctly for this family, Adam K is listed as a coal miner, which is the occupation listed on the death certificate of Kenneth.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ida M. Day and Henry Pagin

Found a spouse for Ida M. Day.  Documentation is as follows:

Indiana Marriage Records:
Henry Pagin, born LaPorte, Indiana; 3rd marriage; Father: Joseph Pagin; Mother: Susannah Fisher
Ida M. Day, born Indiana; father: Reason Day; mother: Eliza Appleton
Marriage: Sullivan County, Indiana, August 8, 1885

Civil War Pension Index:
Ida M. Day applied to receive pension of Henry Pagin. He was at Lt. C, in the MO Infantry.
He applied for pension as an invalid on March 21, 1879; Eliza applied for pension as a widow on Feb 11, 1899

Conflicting Information:

A family tree on Ancestry that had Ida M. Day married to Henry Pagan. These records indicate that they lived in Valparaiso, Porter, Indiana. I followed the census records forward and found that Henry and Ida Pagin living in Porter County. In the 1920 census, he was still living. They also had her mother living with them. Her name was Ann Winslow.

Further, Find A Grave has a picture of a headstone for "Ida W Pagin in Porter County, Indiana.

Other Records for Henry Pagin
* Marriage record for Henry Pagin to Eliza Carter Jan 5, 1859

* Henry Pagin, Eliza Pagin, and sister-in-law Martha Carter in 1860 census in Valparaiso, Porter, Indiana

* Henry Pagin, Mattie Pagin, and Ida Pagin (age 9 born in MO). 1870 census in Chicago, Cook, Illinois. [Mattie is a common nickname for Martha. Perhaps Ida died and Henry married her sister.]

* Henry Pagin, Mattie Pagin, Ida Pagin, and Lelia Carter (sister-in-law) in 1880 census in Brookfield, Linn, Missouri

* Possible daughter;
Daughter, Ida Pagin (Suthards) was born in Missouri in 1861. Henry was in the Missouri Infantry. Father list is Henry Pagin; mother listed is Eliza Ann Carther

* Possible 3rd Wife: Martha Carter. In the 1860 and 1870 Census records, Henry's wife is Mattie. Mattie is a common nickname for Martha

Possible Conclusions 3/22/2012:

1. There are two different Henry Pagins who lived in Porter County, Indiana. One was born about 1859 and the other was born about 1832 in Ohio. The Henry Pagin of 1832 is the husband of Ida M. Day.

2. Most likely Ida M. Day (dau of Reason and Eliza Jane) never lived in Porter, Indiana

Research 3/23/2012

Found: Kansas City, Missouri Directory, Hoy's City Directory of Kansas Missouri, 1886-1887 (,1945,710,1975;2029,1421,2163,1450;2565,1592,2660,1623;2489,2009,2572,2034;2490,2039,2573,2064;2763,2040,2866,2070&pid=522412&ssrc=&fn=henry&ln=pagin&st=g)

Pagin, Ida, elocutionist, r 808 Inde av
Pagin, Mattie, widow Henry, r 808 Inde av

* Is Ida M. Day's middle name Martha and she goes by Mattie to prevent confusion with his daughter?
* Who is Mattie Pagan in 1860 and 1870 census?
* Who is the Henry Pagin who married Ida M. Day in 1885?
* Is this an old directory and Mattie's name has not been removed?
* Is Ida M. Day Pagin living in Missouri or Indiana in 1886-1887?

Note: in 1900 Census, Ida (Pagin) Suthards (married Own Suthards in 1892) was living in home of Leila Carter Blake. (Kansas City, MO)
* Was Ida M. Day Pagin dead or living in separate household?

Saturday, March 17, 2012

William Wyatt Watts spouse, children, and location

Summary of information found on William Wyatt Watts

Found Wyatt Watts in Census records 1900, 1910, 1920, and 1930. Each of these records lists his wife a Roxie E.

Marriage Record:
Found marriage index for William Watts and Roxye Miller in the Indiana Marriage collections on

Death of children:
In the 1910 and 1920 they had one son, Elvin. The 1910 census said Roxie had given birth two 2 children and one was living. I searched Find a Grave and found a double headstone with Elvin's name on it (death 1921) and Doris B. Watts (b. 1906, d. 1907).

The census records do not indicate any other children.

Death of Wyatt and Roxie
* Find A Grave has a picture of double headstone for Wyatt and Roxie.
* There is an obituary for Roxie Watts in the Wabash Valley Obituaries. The obit date is Aug 16, 1961. Assume she died one or two days earlier.
* I have a copy of Wyatt's death certificate that I ordered from the Indiana State Archives.

William and Lucinda's Family and Obituaries from Vigo County Library

I'm in the process of working through William and Lucinda's children right now, looking for spouses of their children and for grandchildren.

I have found a great website, Wabash Valley Obituary Index that has many of the Watts family in their small newspaper. The index is searchable and they charge $5.00 for each obituary. They will email them or mail hard copies. Their address is:

Special Collections
Vigo County Public Library
One Library Square
Terre Haute, IN 47807

Since I'm not rich (sigh) I'm in the process of deciding the most productive obituaries to request. So far, the obits that I want are:

  • William Watts; age 79; date August 26, 1921; I hope for more information about Lucinda and any children. Also, I'm hoping for information about his first wife, Jane Jinkins.
  • Wyatt Watts, age 93; date September 16, 1965; Again, info about Lucinda. But, Wyatt and more information about he and Roxie's children.
  • Mrs. Lillie Pennington; age 66; date February 14, 1932; Really want info about her mother.
  • Mrs. Lucindy Watts; age 65; date March 25, 1909; This is Lucinda Appleton. I'd love any info about her--children, parents, and siblings.
  • Mrs. Jennie L. Taylor, age 81, date March 5, 1955, Jennie had a child who died. Want more info about her children.

I'm making individual posts about each child so it will be easier to find them for future reference.

Thomas E. Watts Spouse and Death Location

19 September 2011.
I have personal correspondence that said Thomas E. Watts died in Santa Clara and was cremated. She listed his wife as Mae.

I found Thomas Watts in 1920 and 1930 census records in Santa Clara.  Wife was Mary A.

17 March 2012.

Found census 1910 Census record in New Mexico with
* Thomas E Watts, head, born 1870 in Illinois
* Mary A. Watts, wife, born 1870 in Maine
* Curtis Berry, stepson to head, born in Maine
* Luella Watts, sister to head, born in Illinois, born 1887

In the 1920 and 1930 Census records for Thomas E. Watts in Fremont, Santa Clara, his birth is 1870 in Indiana. Mary A Watts' birth is 1867 in Maine.

Found Mary A. Watts on California Death Index,
born 6/17/1867; mother: Millett; father: Craig, born: Maine; died Santa Clara, 8/13/1850

California Death Index for Thomas E. Watts
Thomas Elbert Watts, born 9/23/1870 in Indiana; father: Watts; died in Santa Clara, 4/21/1941

I have found the correct Thomas E. Watts, son of William Watts and Lucinda Appleton.
* The names, birth dates, birth places all match
* 1910 census indicates Luella is his sister; same age as Luella who is daughter of William and Lucinda in the 1900 census.