Friday, March 29, 2013

Orison E Snow and Mary Jane Slocum

Random Notes on this family:

Orison E. Snow married Mary J. Slocum in 1842. They had a daughter named Frances M. Snow born about 1845. Frances was in the 1860 Census with her parents but not in the 1870 Census. However, in the 1880 Census, Frances Soule and William Soule are living next door to Orison and Mary Jane Snow. Their children are listed as Charles (8), Mary (6), and Francis (4)

In the 1880 Census, William Soule and Frances have the following children: Charles B Soule  (18); Frances M. Soule (14); Arthur D. Soule (7); Eddie A. Soule (6) and Agnes E Soule (2 months).

Also in the 1880 Census we have the following:
Orison Snow and Jane M. Snow living one page previous to William and Frances Soule. Also listed in their household are Franklin B. Deming (24) as grandson,  Jennie M. Deming (16) as wife, and Minnie E. Deming, (2/12) as daughter.

The age for Jennie M. is the same age as Mary Jane Snow. The name could have been Janie not Jennie. If Jennie was 16 in 1880, she was born about 1864. That means her mother (Frances M. Snow) would have been about 19 years old when her daughter was born.

Frances M. Snow married Henry William Soule. They probably married before 1870 since Frances was no longer living in her parents household. I found marriage records of two of their children. The marriage records identify both of the parents.The children are:
* William Henry Soule, b. 1881; married Cora Myra Eaton in 1906.
* Edward A. Soule, b. 1874; married in 1909 Francelia Story, b. 1874.

There is a marriage record for Clarence Edwin Deming (b 1882). In 1915 her married Lilian Eva Smith. His parents are listed as Frank B. Deming and Mary J. Soule. Based on other records, I'm assuming that Frank B. Deming was born in 1856. Mary J. Soule could be the same person as Jennie M. Deming found in the 1880 Census.

In the 1900 Census, Mary Snow is living with Frank B. Deming and Jennie M. Deming. They have a daughter Minnie (20) and a son Clarence E (18). Mary Snow is listed as the mother. This could have been a mistake and she is really the grandmother. This census also says that Mary Snow gave birth to one child and one is still living.

Who, then are Willie V. Snow and Allen Snow who were listed in the 1870 Census?

Lewis H. Smith, b. about 1805

I have been looking for the parents of Lewis H. Smith for many, many years. Lewis was most likely born about 1805 and probably was born in Washington, Dutchess, New York. In the 1828 he purchased land in Macedon, Wayne, New York. He married Phebe Ann Mott, who is the daughter of Samuel Mott.

Today I found a biographical sketch of Theron J. Smith, Lewis H. Smith and Phebe Ann Mott. The biography said that Theron descended from early settlers of Dutchess County. It went on to say that his grandfather was Samuel Smith, a Revolutionary War veteran. It also said that in his later years, Samuel Smith  served as a representative for the State Assembly of New York for his district.

The political graveyard has an incomplete listing of former representatives. Samuel Smith was not among those who served from Dutchess County.

On, I searched the 1800 Census record for Washington, Dutchess, New York. I found a Samuel Smith listed. On the same page there was a Samuel Mott listed. This is a good connection because Phebe Ann Mott's father is Samuel Mott.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Research for Martin's Line--Orison E. Snow, b. 1817; Tolland, Hampden, MA

I want to find a family line for my son to work on. I thought it would be really neat to have him working on a line on his father's side. The problem is that most of Martin's ancestors come from Denmark, with a few from England and Scotland. I know nothing about international research. I really wanted a line with U.S. roots.

I found it! Here is the line I found:

Orison E. Snow, b. 1817, Tolland, Hampden, MA
Orison has one daughter Frances Snow. The a quick look at the 1860 and 1870 censuses indicate he had more children than that. There is plenty of research for Orison.

In addition, Orison's brothers and sisters appear to have their basic temple work done, but their lines don't progress forward much either. So, this is a great place for my son to work.

Now to trace how I found Orison:

* Orison E. Snow, b. 1817 he is the son of Tilly Snow and Lucinda Moore.

* Lucinda Moore, b. 1790 is the daughter of Samuel Moore and Diana Hamilton. She married Orison E. Snow on 12 Jan 1816 in Tolland, Hampden, MA.

* Diana Hamilton, b. 1769 in Hampden, MA, is the daughter of Thomas Hamilton and Judith. There is not marriage information for Diana and Samuel Moore.

* Thomas Hamilton, b. 1749 and Judith, b. 1744, had seven children: Sarah Hamilton, Thomas Hamilton, Lorena Jane Hamilton, Eunice Hamilton, Diana Hamilton, and Jonathan

* Lorena Jane Hamilton, was b. 1765 in Granville, Berkshire, MA. In 1762 she married Isaac Williams, b. 1762. They had four children, Almond Williams, Lorena Jane Williams, Isaac Williams, and Janette Williams.

* Lorena Jane Williams, was b. 1798 in Granville, Berkshire, MA. About 1817 she married Joel Lorand Gleason, b. 1796. They had at least three children, Flora Clarinda Gleason, Jane Gleason, Lorena Eugenia Gleason.

* Flora Clarinda Gleason was b. 1819 in Tolland, Hampden, MA. In 1849 she married Abraham Washburn, b. 1805. Among their children was born Philena Washburn.

* Philena Washburn, b. 1855. She married William Adam Warnock. Among their children was Irvin LeRoy Warnock.

* Irvin LeRoy Warnock, b. 1892 in Monroe, Sevier, Utah. He married Lexia Dastrup. Among their children was Arda Jean Warnock.

* Arda Jean Warnock married Don M Christensen. Among their children is Martin Don Christensen

* Martin Don Christensen married Michelle Dennis. Their children are Nicole Michelle Christensen and Hyrum Dennis Christensen.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Thomas J. Clark b. 1832, Atlantic County, New Jersey

I'm helping one of my young women find a family history line where she can work where no one else is. I think I found it tonight. I'm going to show her what I found and need to retrace my steps.

* Her direct ancestor is Mary Clark, b. 22 November 1833. Mary is the daughter of Samuel Clark and Rebecca Garner.

* Samuel Clark is the son of Joseph Clark and Elizabeth Sooy

* Joseph Clark is the son of David Clark and Elizabeth (Rachel) Betts. According to; Family Tree, the children of David Clark and Elizabeth Rachel Betts are:
    Thomas, b. 1758; d. 1857 in Clark's Landing, Atlantic County, New Jersey

* Joseph Clark married Mary Gibersen (1760 to 1845). According to, Family Tree, their children are:
     James b. 1802 and married Sarah Endicott
     (One died)
      Mary Ann

James Clark and Sarah Endicott were married in Atlantic County, New Jersey. According to, their children are:
    George W.
    Sarah Clark

In, none of these children except George have children. I did some preliminary research in Ancestry and found some successful research for Katie with Thomas J. Clark.

Here is a summary of my initial findings:

* 1880 Census, Pana, Christian, Illinois; married to Mary clark with six children, an adopted son, and a widowed sister, Mary Green.
* 1900 Census, Pana, Christian, Illinois; with Mary and two children; Mary had given birth to 7 children with 6 living.
* 1910 Census,
* Illinois Death Certificate: Thomas Clarke, [death certificate has an e on the end] b. 4 Oct 1832, Parents: James Clarke and Sarah Endicot

While I was in the 1910 Census, on, I clicked to Mary Clark; It took me to the 1930 Census. She was still living with her son Roscoe. I did a search on Find a Grave for Mary Clark, died after 1930 in Christian County, Illinois. I found her obituary that listed her maiden name, parents names, husband's name, birth date, and birth place.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Michael Boor, Ane Dorothea, and Ann Trout

I've been working on my inlaws' line a little bit the past few weeks. They descend through Michael Boor, born about 1770 in Bedford County, Pennsylvania. Most research has Michael Boor married to Ane Dorothea, and some research says that Ane Dorothea is the same person as Ann Trout. I'm questioning that link.

It appears there might be two different Michael Boors who married two different Anns.

One Michael Boor was found in the 1840 Census living next to Ann Trout. In the 1850 Census, Michael Boor has an Ann Boor living in his household.

1840 Census:

1850 Census:

We also found another Michael Boor in the 1840 Census and 1850 Census

1840 Census

1850 Census

Further research showed Michael Boor is the son of Nicholas Boor, who was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. The question is which Michael Boor?

SAR Application:

This application showed that Michael Boor's second wife was Ane Dorothea. If this is the case, then Ann Trout from the 1840 Census cannot be the mother of Ann Boor who was born about 1807 or a little later.