Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Sophia Day and Charles Cockriel--Evidence that Supports Their Marriage

I was given some information that Sophia Day married Charles Cockriel. I could find no record of his marriages, either his first or second wife. So, I pieced together the following information:

Charles Cockriel married Sophi (I believe Day). Sophia died between the 1900 and 1910 Federal Census records. By 1910, Charles had remarried, a woman named Francis. The census indicates it is a second marriage for both of them.. The marriage of Charles Cockriel (b. January 1870 in Indiana) and Sophia Day (b. 1873 in Indiana) is verified by their children's marriage records.

* 1910: Ruth Cockriel married Frank Rosenbaum. The marriage records list Sophia A. Day and C.W. Cockriel as her parents.

* June 1920: Mary Francis "Cochrill" married Nathan H. Baynes. Father is Chas. W. Cochrill and mother is Sophia

* November 1920: Goldie Edna Cockriel (b. 1901), married John F. Trail. Father is Charles Cockriel and Francis Day. I believe this is a mistake and that the birth mother actually was Sophia Day since Charles Cockriel never married Francis Day.

This evidence is supported by the 1910 census. Fanny M. Cockriel has had one child and one child is living. Also in the household is Audrey Lanham, step son to Charles Cockriel. The natural conclusion is that Audrey is Fanny's only child.

* May 1922: Vernie Cockriel (b. 1904) married James G. Lomax. Father is Charles W. Cockriel and mother is Sophia Broadwell. Again, I believe this is a mistake. The 1910 census says C.W. Cockriel only married twice, Sophia and Fanny. I wonder if Broadwell is the maiden name of the second wife, Fanny.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Jennie Alwida Johnson and John V. Carter's Children

21 January 2015

I'm so excited. Today I found three children for Jennie!! A couple of weeks ago I found another child of hers.

Jennie was married in 1883 and died in 1899. Therefore, she missed the 1890 census record. Here are the records that I found:

* Child of Jennie J. Carter, buried 15 April 1899
- Burial in Crown Hill Cemetery in Indianapolis. The plot number is: section 2, Lot 109. Find A Grave Memorial# 45901042
-Burial in Crown Hill Cemetery in Indianapolis. The plot number is: section 2, Lot 109. Find A Grave Memorial# 45901182

This is Jennie's burial and her child's. I assume that both died with complications of child birth. But, I don't have any documentation to that end yet.

* Margaret Louise Carter, b. 1896 or 1897; died 1991
- Sons of American Revolution application; Margaret's son applied for a membership. The application listed her full name as Margaret Louise Carter Ditrich. Her husband is Alvan Dittrich. and her two parents are John Vestal Carter and Jennie Johnson. The application also lists marriage and death dates.

Margaret was not living with her father in the 1900 census. I looked for Margaret on the 1900 Census and found a Margaret Carter living in Indianapolis. His name is Francis Carter. He was born about 1847. His parents are from Ohio.

In the 1910 Census, Margaret

In the 1900 census, John V. Carter's parents are identified as being born in Ohio. This is different than the 1910 and 1920 census records which list their birth place as Indiana. To verify this information, I looked at the marriage record for John Carter and Jennie Johnson. The marriage record says his parents are: Jas W Carter and Susan Carter.

The 1870 Census for James Carter and Susan Carter have a John V. Carter living with them. In the census, both of them are listed as being born in Ohio.

Therefore, I conclude that the Margaret living with Francis is the daughter of John V. Carter and Jennie Johnson. The 1900 Census also lists two other children, a niece, Susan Carter, and a nephew, Hugh Carter. I also conclude that both of these children are also children of John and Jennie.