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Emma Francis Reed, Daughter of Stephen Carpenter Reed and Francis Webster

Emma Francis Reed born, is the oldest daughter of Stephen Carpenter Reed and Emma J. Webster

Emma Frances Reed
1857–1923 • K8FT-GFB

Stephen C Reed
1831–1911 • KPWY-QFP

Emma J. Webster
1835–1903 • KPWY-QL8

Emma Reed was born in Wayne County, NY according to the NY State Census in 1865 and 1875. By 1875 she was living in Perinton, Monroe, New York.


Emma Francis Reed Goodwin: In her mother's obituary found on Find A Grave, she is identified as Mrs. Frankie Goodwin of New York. Question about her name: Is Frankie her nickname for Francis? Or is Frankie her husband's name?

        Found (10/30/2016): There is an entry in the 1910 Census; Webster, Monroe, New York, for a Emma F. Goodwin with two children, George W. Goodwin b. 1885 and Fred E. Goodwin b. 1892. I found a headstone for George W. Goodwin. He was born in 1885 in West Walworth, Wayne, New York. He died in 1976, Syracuse, Onondaga, New York. Because this data sounds very plausible, I have added these children to my tree in However, I don't know if this is accurate.

Resolved 11/1/2016: Found marriage record for George W. Goodwin to Olive Dorcas Willis. It identifies his parents as Emma F. Reid Goodwin and Eli Goodwin. Will now attach the records and update the family in both and

Whitney Connection

      Found (10/30/2016): 1900 Census for Stephen C. Reed and [wife] Reed [the bottom of the page is blurred.] I turned to the next page and found two more entries for the household of Stephen C. Reed: Daisy Reed, daughter. AND Stephen Whitney, grandson, born May 1879.

        Found (10/30/2016): Whitney spouse---There is a FamilySearch record for an Emma Reed (M6W6-L9S) born about 1857 who married Seth Whitney (M6W6-LMD) in Maine. Is this the same person? It is plausible because of information on the 1900 Census household of Stephen C. Reed. On October 31, 2016, I reserved the temple ordinances for both this Emma Reed and Seth Whitney. I don't want to merge the Emma Reeds yet because I'm not certain they are the same person. I think they are, but need more information.
        ACTION (3/17/2016) Upon further research, I believe that this Emma F. Reed is not the same person as Emma Francis Reed. (See notes about Seth H. Whitney below.) Therefore, I unreserved the temple work for both of them.

      Found (10/31/16): Emma Reed was living with her father, Stephen Reed in Perinton, Monroe, NY in the 1875 New York State Census. Could the Maine marriage record date be wrong on the index? TODO: Look for actual marriage record, of Seth Whitney and Francis Reed: FHL Film: Vital records, 1849-1939 Family History Library, 12839

     Found (10/31/2016): There is a Stephen C. Whitney who lived several years in Tacoma, Washington, and died there. Find A Grave for him says that he was born in Fairport, Monroe, New York on May 11, 1878. The 1900 Census record says he was born in May 1879. There are several other census records for Stephen C Whitney (sometimes with middle initial "L.") in Tacoma. They put his birth year anywhere from 1878 to 1882. All of these records identify his wife as Rose. This is a good, possible match for Stephen Whitney, grandson of Stephen C. Reed. Done--TODO, find his death certificate and see if it identifies his parents. Start with FHL Film: 2033392.

      Found (3/17/17) Film 2033392 only contains an index of the death records. The index does not identify his parents.

Puzzle Pieces about Seth H. Whitney

Although I believe that Seth H. Whitney is not Stephen C. Whitney's father, I still have a marriage record for Seth H Whitney to Emma F. Reed in 1873. Therefore, I want to document what I found about Seth H. Whitney.

Maine Birth Records: Charles F. Whitney, born 17 August 1886 [note, this is 2 1/2 years before marriage--I looked at a copy of the original, hand-written record and the date is as transcribed]. Birth place, North Vassalboro, Kennebec. Name of mother: Hannah Getchell; residence of mother: Getchell's Corner, No Vassalboro, Kennebec. Name of father: Seth Whitney; birth of father: Solon ME.

Maine Marriages: 20 April 1889, Seth H. Whitney and Hannah N. Getchell are married in Vassalboro, Kennebec, Maine.

1900 Federal Census: Vassalboro, Kennebec Maine; Seth Whitney is listed with his wife, Hannah. They have been married for 12 years. It is reported that Hannah had given birth to one child and one child was still living. Seth is also living with his son, Charles F. Whitney. [Note: in the succeeding census, she had zero children.]

1910 Federal Census: Vassalboro, Kennebec, Main; Seth Whitney is listed with his wife, Hannah. They have been married 20 years. It is reported that Hannah had given birth to zero children. Seth is also living with his son, Charles F. Whitney. [Note: in the previous census she had one child.]

1912 Hannah Whitney has a probate record. Two of her points were very interesting: she owned the house and property not Seth, and Charles's name or relationship to her are not clear. The record reads:
   "4th  I give bequeath and devise to my husband Seth H. Whitney the sum of One Thousand Dollars in money. Also the house and lot now occupied by me....
   "5th  I give bequeath and devise to Charles F. Whitney (so-called) the sum of One Thousand Dollars in Money. Also the Orchard lot....

1880 Census, I found a Seth Whitney and an Emma Whitney his wife with child Cora Whitney. Seth was born about 1853. Emma was born about 1854. Cora was born about 1868. As I researched, I found a Cora Pratt married to Richard Pratt in the 1900 Sagadahoc, ME Census. Richard has a mother-in-law named Emma F. Whitney who is divorced. Cora's death certificate says her mother is Emma Whitney and her father is a man named John Bragdon, note the different last name than Whitney. I have also found TWO other different Emma F. Whitney's, both living in Maine. One was married to Thomas. The other is single and sister to head of household, Edwin. She was born in December 1853 to Willard and Mary. There is an Emma F. Whitney in the 1860 census in the household of Isaac and Amanda.

I'm too confused with all the Emma Whitney's. But, based on Stephen C. Whitney's marriage record, I don't believe any of these are related to me. Therefore, I'm unreserving their temple work.

Relevant Links

Stephen C. Whitney Death Record in Washington:

Stephen C. Whitney FindaGrave,%20ohio&MSAV=1&msbdy=1879&msbpn__ftp=New%20York&cp=0&catbucket=rstp&uidh=7a8&pcat=ROOT_CATEGORY&h=46549074&db=FindAGraveUS&indiv=1&ml_rpos=9

Will and Probate for Hannah Whitney

1900 Census for Seth, Hannah, and Charles Whitney

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