Friday, November 11, 2016

Children of Nathan Stone Reed, Son of Paul Reed and Lois Stone; by Two Wives, Mary Tedman and Mary Rice

Nathan Stone Reed married three times: Mary Ann Tedman, Mary A. Rice, and Sarepta Simpson. He had children with Mary Tedman and Mary Rice. FamilySearch lists the families as follows:

Nathan and Mary Tedman
1. Stephen Carpenter Reed
2. Robert P. Reed
3. Mary Tedman Reed (born before 1835)

Nathan and Mary Rice
1. Julia E. Reed
2. Nathan R. Reed
3. Mary L. Reed
4. Mary Tedman Reed
5. Adline Reed
6. William Abby Reed

Mary Tedman Reed: 11/6/2016--FS had two records for Mary Tedman Reed, one with the mother of Mary Tedman and the other with the mother of Mary Rice. I don't have records for the first Mary Tedman Reed. Is she the same person as Mary Tedman Reed (1843-1910) born to Mary Rice. Or is she a different person and the last child of Nathan and Mary Tedman Reed. The records are so sketchy back then, I don't know if I will every be able to find evidence either way. My hunch is that they are two separate individuals and the first Mary Tedman Reed died, perhaps with her mother, and that the second Mary Tedman (1843) was named after her older half-sister.

Stephen Carpenter Reed: 11/6/2016--I have nearly completed the descendant research for his family. See previous blog posts for details of complete and ongoing research.

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